We need people with a cause and skills to achieve our goals and mission together. Tune in.

Our mission at the "Listen" Foundation is to unite and empower the Bulgarian deaf community with common principles and values ​​for equality and full inclusion of deaf people. We provide opportunities for building skills and knowledge for deaf people in Bulgaria, so as to enable their full access in public life. Our aspiration is to improve the education system for babies, children and adults from the deaf community by incorporating a bilingual model of learning and education through (BJE) and Bulgarian verbal language.

The Listen Foundation invites you to join us in our cause so that we can improve the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people. The energetic efforts of volunteers are an important step in our organization and we highly value these people. Join us in providing deaf people with education, full accessibility and the opportunity to meet challenges.

The "Listen up" Foundation with EIC 176786514 is a non-governmental organization for public benefit, registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, EU, carrying out activities in accordance with its mission.

Support the deaf community in Bulgaria

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